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Weapon handling and CQB training

We are proud to be an approved ELCAS provider.

Course Details

We are pleased to be able to offer this course through X Platoon, an associate training company owned and run by our Head of Training; Steve Heaney. 

Have you ever played Call of Duty or Black Ops and wondered how you would really operate behind enemy lines, could you face down your enemy. Could you be part of an elite team of soldiers tasked with the most dangerous of missions. Could you clear a room or a building of hardened terrorists? Do you posses the skill sets required to immediately identify your target, separate friend from foe, hostage from gunman and then engage that target at close range.

This training course will give you those skills and much, much more. Trained by former members of the British Army’s Pathfinders and SAS, you will be schooled in the tactics, techniques and procedures of safe weapon handling, marksmanship, firing from different positions, snap shooting and Close Quarters Battle (CQB). As a qualified ‘operator’ you will be highly proficient in the engagement of close range targets, be able to prioritise multiple targets, conduct turning, lateral and forward movements, shoot both through and from behind cover and carry out weapon transitions between rifle and pistol. The training will also provide you with a raft of other skill sets, that will give you the ability and confidence to execute split second decisions under extreme pressure, including ‘shoot‘ and ‘no shoot‘ scenarios.

Located at our HQ training facility just outside Durham, this unique indoor air weapons range has been specifically designed to provide the perfect environment for your training. 

Sig Sauer MCX Rifle

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sig saure P226 .177 Air Pistol

Sig Sauer P226 Pistol

Your secondary weapon will be the Sig Sauer P226 air pistol which operates a 16 pellet magazine, once again a perfect match to the pistol employed by the worlds most elite troops.

We have to cover the obligatory subjects as laid down by the SIA which are listed below:

  • Roles & responsibilities of the close protection operative
  • Threat & risk assessment
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Operational planning
  • Law & legislation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Close protection team work
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close protection foot techniques
  • Route selection
  • Use of close protection vehicle techniques
  • Search awareness
  • Incidents and dilemmas
  • Venue based security
  • Communication and conflict management skills
  • Close Quarter pistol work (EX SF CQB. Instructor)
  • Vehicle and foot contact drills
  • Anti-ambush scenarios and extraction
  • Unarmed combat techniques
  • Convoy driving

We pride ourselves in giving our students the very best chance of gaining employment within the Security Industry and to that end all of our students are advised about Curriculum Vitae’s, Personal Portfolios, the etiquette required on The Circuit and more….just ask our students, they will tell you just how valuable this element of the course is.

Course Dates

September 6th – 24th
Nov/Dec 15th – 3rd
January 10th – 27th
March 7th – 24th


Full package includes:


£2,100.00 + VAT (£2,520.00)

This is your future and your money! You should be asking your training provider certain questions prior to booking your place on any course. Think long and hard about this decision, it will be one of the most important decisions that you make concerning your future.

  1. Who are the instructors, what are their backgrounds, have they operated in a hostile environments worldwide and not just the UK? Are any of the instructors from a SF background?
  2. What percentage of the training is out of the classroom (or is it unrealistic training by PowerPoint to save costs).
  3. How many training vehicles have they?  Are the vehicles fleet insured for training. If you are asked to provide your own car for the training then your insurance will probably not cover you.
  4. Have they comprehensive insurance for the training itself? Ask for proof!
  5. Do you get the HABC Level 3 First Aid Response qualification as part of the package. You NEED this in order to apply for your SIA CP Badge. You will leave the Argus Europe course with a complete portfolio of qualifications: HABC Level 3 First Aid Response, Close Protection Level 3, Advanced Surveillance Level 3 & Private Investigation Level 3.
  6. Have they genuine testimonials on their site from people who you can get in touch with to ask questions about the training. DO they have employment opportunities?
  7. Most importantly, do they offer post course support and an employment forum for all students?

If these standards are not met then you may end up in a classroom 8 – 12 hours a day writing essays watching PowerPoints and not receiving reality training purely to cut costs.