We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from our trainees at the end of a course. We share this with you and, with the permission of our trainees, their email so you can get in contact with them to ask your own questions that you may not want to ask us. It is important the training is right for you so you should be able to get the best advice before signing up - and that has to be from our previous trainees.

A very enjoyable course that gave us a sound knowledge of what is expected for us as CPOs. The after course support appears to be very good from what I have seen and heard!
– Steve Mathews
steve.matthews436 [at] gmail/com
I enjoyed the course - even after 24 years in the military/Police I still learned new things. Enjoyable and informative.
– Scott
I really enjoyed doing my CP course with Argus! I have learned so many new skills which I can now continue to develop. The experience and knowledge from the instructors is superb. Highly recommend this course!
– Emma McBride
info [at] isecuregroup.co.uk
Excellent course!
The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are a credit to the industry. Very happy to recommend this course!
– Mark Harrison
anglikmark [at] gmail.com
I really enjoyed the course and it far surpassed my expectations and will definitely recommend Argus Europe to anyone. Thank you to all of the instructors!
– Michael Watson
mick_watson1986 [at] hotmail.co.uk
I enjoyed the course a great deal and gained valuable knowledge and skills. The course also helped me identify areas for development for the future!
– Liam Bennett
liambennett86 [at] icloud.com
Thank you to Argus for your continued flexibility - this enabled me to complete the various modules of the course and still continue to work. The course was both enjoyable and interesting.
– Lee Payne
lee.payne05 [at] gmail.com
An excellent course, a must for anyone wishing to develop their skills within the security industry!
– Julian McBride
Outstanding course - well presented with excellent subject matter from all instructors. The course has opened my mind - I am now much more aware of the industry and what my options are.
– Dean West
deanwest78 [at] hotmail.com
Fantastic course with professional, experienced instructors. Highly recommended.
– Victor Frampton
victor-frampton [at] outlook.com