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About Argus Europe

Argus Europe Limited was established in 1992 by Managing Director Brian Tough Q.G.M. a former Special Forces Soldier and Bodyguard to many high profile individuals including the former Director of Special Forces, General Sir Peter de la Billière, KCB, KBE, DSO, MC & Bar . Argus Europe has been providing specialist training for high-net worth clients and their families since the mid 1990’s. Argus Europe is an operational company working globally with an extensive variety of contacts. We only deliver courses where we feel we have exceptional operational experience. We have core strengths and we deliver along those lines and we operate in those areas. We have almost 40 years operational experience, and have trained many of the current training providers.

Argus Europe are an ELCAS Provider

Argus Europe specialises in Close Protection and Close Protection Training. Our qualified professionals lead training courses in a variety of specialties, including Close Protection Training, Advanced Surveillance Training and Private Investigator Training. All of our training courses are level 3 and  include all the skills you need to be an effective operative in your chosen area of the Security Industry.

A variety of courses

Students can choose from a variety of classes, including Close Protection Training Courses, Private Investigator Training, HABC Level 3 First Aid Response Courses and Advanced Surveillance Training Courses. Each of the courses is designed to provide students with an in-depth look at each type of security training so they will be fully equipped physically and mentally to handle their specialty area.

Assistance now and in the future

Argus Europe is the only Training Provider offering a post course networking group that provides almost daily employment opportunities. It is comprised of a network of professional operators who are ready to assist present and past students throughout their career. It was setup to provide assistance to students in any stage of their learning to find the answers they need to be able to perform their jobs in a professional manner.

Once you pass one of our courses access to the Argus Group is granted, opportunities posted on our group have seen many of our former students secure long term contracts conducting Close Protection and Surveillance and this can be proven!

The Argus Ethos

We know only too well that becoming qualified is one thing but that gaining on-going employment and experience is entirely another; we have been there ourselves. During our courses we cover much more than just the practical skills that are required, we cover the next step, the step beyond that and in to the distance. We also provide a network for all of our students in the Argus Group.

Those of you who are service leavers will lose a large part of your network when you leave the armed forces. You may well remain in touch with some of your better mates, there may well be an online group for your particular arm or corps but it is unlikely that they will offer you that 1:1 support that is required, especially during your first forays into the circuit.

There are other areas where you can turn to for help such as the online networking portals for the masses and these are in some cases worth a look but they are not and never will be a close knit professional network that you can turn to as you progress in your career.

The Argus Group has been in existence in various forms since 1992 and is a thriving network of professional, dedicated operators that is open to all Argus Students past and present. It offers you somewhere to turn to when you need advice, an area where you will not be laughed at for asking what the ‘keyboard warriors’ that proliferate the internet seem to think is a stupid question. if you do not know, or you are unsure, then you must be able to ask.

The Argus Group will make the time and the effort to answer your questions and in a professional and courteous manner. You will not be left to struggle. You will not be ridiculed. You will be supported. You will have a network.