Back to Business – Managing Covid-19 Risk

We recently received the very welcome news from our accreditation bodies that we are able to commence the delivery of physical training courses in July, subject to the effective management of Covid-19 risk.  

Chris immediately sprung into action, reviewing and adapting our existing Covid-19 risk management processes to suit the environments and activities that would be presented in the delivery of our courses.  

In essence, our approach for the assessment and management of the risk is based upon three “pillars of risk”.  

Information:  Ensuring that both our instructors and students are provided with the correct information and guidance relating to Covid-19 and the controls in place to manage transmission risk.  

Environments:  Comprehensively assessing training environments to identify transmission risk and introduce effective controls. 

Activities:  Analysing the physical aspects of training activities, removing the need for close contact as much as practicable and ensuring that effective barriers to Covid-19 transmission are implemented. 

With effective controls in place and a culture of risk management embedded, we are confident that our staff and students will be protected from any unnecessary exposure, and our processes will remain dynamic and agile in response to what is a fast-changing threat.